Founded in Querétaro, Mexico in 1986, our company has extensive experience in human resources outsourcing. Throughout its history it has served companies such as Hewlett Packard, then called Amoisa. After 15 years, in 2003, it goes through a renewal process, adapting a philosophy of service and customer focus, taking the current name, PeopleCare, since then the company has managed to consolidate and acquire important accounts such as Wal Mart in the year 2006.

PeopleCare is a national company, which in 2009 renews its image and concentrates its efforts on differentiating itself as an outsourcing server with dynamic and flexible staff, capable of responding quickly to the needs and contingencies of the client, as well as adapting harmoniously to your processes in particular.




People Care is a company that seeks intelligent alternatives and quality services for the management of Human Capital, in a versatile and dynamic way, in order to provide its clients and all those companies that seek to streamline their processes in the Human Resources area; the support to solve their needs and to work in a more efficient way, operating with adequate profitability and having as a global result of the operation of the company a good for our community.



To be a leading company in Human Capital Management, offering dynamic and quick reaction services for companies looking for a versatile and reliable business partner; in an age of seeking to reduce the cost and complexity of personnel management.

We are currently ruled by the IMSS and the SHCP

PeopleCare is a versatile and reliable business partner in an age of seeking to reduce the cost and complexity of people management.



At People Care we are committed to ensuring that our actions have a comprehensive impact, which is why we have identified which are the most relevant issues for our company and which we can positively influence in alliance with our different stakeholders.

That is why we focus on our company, our environment and the community of which we are part and to whom we can contribute the most.

To do this, we define a social and environmental responsibility plan that allows us to follow up on our objectives, monitor our progress, compare our performance against other actors in order to take realistic measures to obtain the results that we understand, are a continuous and constant improvement. .

At PEOPLE CARE we are committed to promoting social responsibility among our stakeholders in all areas; That is why we have adopted the DECALOGUE OF SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY, which has been promoted by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.

This decalogue establishes that a socially responsible company;

1. Promotes and encourages a culture of responsible competitiveness that seeks the goals and success of the business, contributing at the same time to the well-being of society.

2. It makes its values ​​public, it fights internally and externally corruption practices, and it performs based on a code of ethics.

3. Live participatory leadership schemes, solidarity, service and respect for human rights and human dignity.

4. Promotes favorable working conditions for the quality of life, human and professional development of the entire community (employees, family members, shareholders and suppliers).

5. Respect the ecological environment in each and every one of the operation and commercialization processes, in addition to contributing to the preservation of the environment.

6. Identifies the social needs of the environment in which it operates and collaborates in its solution, promoting the development and improvement of the quality of life.

7. Identify and support social causes as part of your business action strategy.

8. Invests time, talent and resources in the development of the communities in which it operates.

9. Participates, through intersectoral alliances with other companies, civil society organizations, chambers, groups and / or government, in the discussion, proposals and attention to social issues of public interest.

10. It takes into account and involves its staff, shareholders and suppliers in its investment and social development programs.



This Policy establishes the commitment and responsibilities of PEOPLE CARE, in relation to all human rights, and especially those that affect our business activity and the operations carried out by workers, both managers and employees.

PEOPLE CARE promotes respect for human rights in all its business relationships and the adherence of its business partners to the same principles, paying particular attention to respecting the dignity of the person and preserving the well-being of the different social environments in which it operates. Your activities. Therefore, we express our commitment to the application of the content of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact and other conventions and treaties of international organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the International Labor Organization.


In our PEOPLE CARE Code of Conduct and Ethics, general guidelines are established to guarantee safe working conditions, treatment of respect and dignity towards all collaborators, compliance with internal policies and good work coexistence in the company.



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Head office

Hacienda Chintepec No. 110-12

Col. El Jacal, Querétaro, Qro. Mx.
Tel.: (442) 223-1151

Tel.: 01-800-036-6057


Hacienda Chintepec No. 110-12
Col. El Jacal, C.P. 76187 
Querétaro, Qro.

Tel.: (442) 223-1151

Tel.: 01-800-036-6057

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