About Us

About Us

We focus on providing specialized solutions in Human Resources, designed to enhance the efficiency of companies. Our dynamic and versatile processes adapt to the unique needs of each organization, driving efficient and effective Human Resources management.

The beginning of our history

Founded in Querétaro, Mexico in 1986, our company has extensive experience in specialized services in human resources. After 15 years, in 2003, it underwent a renewal process, adapting a philosophy of service and customer focus, taking the current name, People Care. Since then, the company has been able to consolidate and acquire important accounts.


People Care is a Human Resources Specialized Services company in Mexico that offers dynamic and versatile processes for companies looking to streamline their HR processes.


People Care seeks to be a leading company in specialized services in Human Capital areas in a dynamic way for companies that are looking for a versatile and reliable business partner; at a time when it is required to reduce the complexity of personnel management.

Social Responsibility

At People Care, we are committed to ensuring that our actions have a comprehensive impact, which is why we have identified the most relevant issues for our company and those we can positively influence in alliance with our different stakeholders.

We focus on our company, our environment and the community we are part of and to which we can contribute the most, we define a social and environmental responsibility plan that allows us to follow up on our objectives, monitor our progress in order to take realistic measures to obtain the results that we understand are a continuous process and constant improvement.

En el 2021 People Care obtiene la certificación como Empresa Socialmente Responsable por tercer año consecutivo.

Human Rights Policy

People Care promotes respect for human rights in all its business relationships and the adherence of its business partners to the same principles, paying particular attention to respect for the dignity of the person and preserving the well-being of the different social environments in which it operates.

Code of Ethics

People Care's Code of Conduct and Ethics establishes our general guidelines to ensure safe working conditions, respect and dignity for all employees.

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